Elena Parasco

Born and raised in New York, Elena Parasco is known for her captivating, story-centered style of shooting. From pulsating sport stories to championing unheard global voices, Parasco uses her carefully considered and unapologetic lens to create work that defines a new spirit in anthemic and culture-saturated film. Her break-out film, downtowngirlsbball, leveraged the strength of the quick-cut montage while experimenting with breaking down and defining the female gaze in a new sports era. Parasco has worked with numerous world-renowned artists and brands, including Nike, Converse, Facebook, Levi’s, WNBA, A$AP Rocky, the New York Knicks, and the New York City Ballet. Her film and creative work have been featured in publications including The New York Times, T Magazine, Vogue, Fast Company, Vice and Forbes. Parasco’s recent spot for Michelob Ultra received accolades at Cannes Lions, Clio Awards and AICP Awards.