Alexane Andrieu

Alexane initially trained as an actress with the objective of getting to know the actors before directing them. She then attended the Kourtrajmé school of scriptwriting and directing where she directed several short films that led her to be spotted by Pierre Lescure at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival to participate in a masterclass.

In January 2023, she released her short film "La Fleur de l'âge", a sensitive comedy with a pop art direction, that she wrote and directed for the Westfield brand for a contest where the constraint was to film a story in one of the brand's shopping centers. These days, this passionate filmmaker is working on a new short film inspired by the successful comic book TMLP by Gilles Rochier, writing her own series "Plouc(s), and working in parallel as a scriptwriter in a writing room for a medieval series commissioned by Netflix.